CCA has been managing projects for over 11 years. Every project receives the highest attention to detail. This includes manageing the project from the top down. Your timelines, budgets and minimized downtime are our main goal. Having CCA manages your projects to allow your internal staff to do what they do best. Large corporate IT projects can require many hours of planning and research which is where we shine.

Why CCA should manage your next project

Our Project team will take the helm and oversee the project goals, objectives, timelines, budget and staff to make your next project as streamlined as it can be. All of the issues, tasks and timelines are managed within our CRM software to make sure we deliver what we promise. This also allows our clients to view live updated results on the status and progress.

The benefits of having CCA Manage your next IT project:

  • Time is managed most effectively for your team and ours
  • Money savings are achieved by streamlining the entire process of the project
  • Your IT goals can be realized successfully
  • Downtime and outages are minimized because of proper planning and execution

IT projects are inevidable in every organization. They aren’t always fun or pretty, though they are necessary. A majority of corporations let their IT infrastructure lapse and put the entire company at risk due to outdated or failing equipment. CCA has put years into creating project guidlines and procedures that we can use to make your project run the best it can.